Our Story


They had struck again! Another dick drawing left under the register. Working at a ski shop you expect these things but three days in a row? Micky Dicky Done Dicked It! Or at least that’s the suspect we had narrowed it down to after over analyzing these pieces of dick art. 

We had a party after work that week where we ate, drank, and laughed about how fun it was being Dicktectives. Just a bunch of adults trying to forget life's problems for a while, we started doodling some dongs. The last friend to show up to the party (who had no idea what was happening) was selected as the Dicktective and had to guess who drew which johnson. He received a point for every tally-whacker matched to its maker. 

Since that night, we have spent countless hours over the years developing, creating, and laughing till we came up with this extremely inappropriate game. We hope you enjoy 😊 Turns out we were way off by the way.... it was the repair shop guy!