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The Inaugural Giraffe Dicktective Koozie


We are proud to Launch the limited edition Dicktective Koozie collection! These single run prints will feature community generated artwork from Dicktective games near and far! Guaranteed to make whatever beverage in your hand seem that much larger. Protect yourself and your drink with these one of a kind beer koozie. Imagine the feeling of slipping your long, hard bottle into it's soft protective shell as you proudly proclaim to the world that "You are a true Dicktective!"

The inaugural Koozie features our stylish logo and fantastical ivory giraffe, Dr. Gerald P. Peckercorn, this koozie will not only protect, but make a statement at any function you may venture out to. An instant conversation starter for any bachelorette party and a great way to convince the bride's mom to draw dicks with you all afternoon while you sip meter long mai tais by the pool. You go, Madam Dicktective!

Playing poker with friends and go out first? Well, the Dicktective cozy will protect your libation from your warm, salty tears while keeping it cool and crisp. That way when someone else joins you in the loser's club, you can immediately jump into the hysterical game of Dicktective with a cold beer in hand. Next time just save your poker money and buy the cozy instead. It's a much wiser investment in the longer run. Hell, buy a few and stash them in your car or coat pocket. You never know when you'll need a koozie to keep your beer cool or keep it from freezing!

Made from the amazingly resilient material that almost all cozies are made from.  Definitely waterproof and maybe will float? Probably won't stop a bullet... actually, definitely won't stop a bullet. But! You'll feel like a super person while using the Dicktective Koozie. Cape not included...